Are Music Lessons the Fountain of Youth? Maybe…

Aging is hard. There are lots of things you can do to try and fight it, but some are harder than others. We have a fun one! Trying something new like learning to play an instrument or getting help dusting off some rusty skills that you haven’t used since your youth can do a lot of good things. Learning to play an instrument as an adult has more benefits than you’d expect.

Benefits of Learning an Instrument as an Adult:

  • Socialization. It can be hard to meet new people outside of work (and really hard in retirement). Taking music lessons will help you meet new people and expand your social circle.
  • Increase Grey Matter. Studies show that the long range connections between brain regions are strengthened by playing an instrument. You will experience improvements in literacy, spatial reasoning and verbal memory.
  • Alleviate Stress. Studies show that by channeling your energy and focus into something that makes people happy (MUSIC!), you can lower both your blood pressure and heart rate. The repetition of music practice also brings your mind into a state similar to meditation – no yoga pants required.
  • Builds Self-Discipline. It takes between 66 and 100 days to successfully build a habit, and once you’ve built one the rest will come more easily. Practicing playing a musical instrument is a great habit to try and build.
  • Strengthens Your Immune System & Body. As your stress goes down, because you’re calming your mind by focusing on the notes, you reduce the stress on your immune system, allowing it to focus on more important things like keeping you healthy. If you play a brass or woodwind, you also improve lung function. And musicians tend to have better posture, meaning you’re improving your core strength too!

It’s never too late to learn to play music. Our awesome teaching staff can teach you how to play whatever instrument your heart desires! Call us and let’s give it a try!