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We Offer a Wide Variety of New & Used Instruments for Sale

We are a full-service music store featuring new and used instruments including guitars, bass guitars, pianos, horns, ukuleles, recorders, and more. We also sell accessories like guitar strings, reeds, and horn oils. We carry a variety of lines of guitars, bass, drums and more and are authorized dealers of some really great instruments. Come to the shop and we can help you find the instrument you are looking for.

We are Authorized Dealers of the following lines:

G&L Guitars logo

G&L Guitars

“G&L Guitars and Basses are the best instruments I have ever made.” – Leo Fender

Why did Leo feel this way? Because he had endowed G&Ls with tone and technology breakthroughs that players still rave about.

G&L makes instruments with dedication and great skill in Leo’s historic factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California – The Birthplace of the Bolt-On. And inspiration is always close at hand, as Leo’s private workshop, the center of his creative universe, remains as it was on his last day and has been visited by luminaries from throughout the music world.

Mapex Drums logo

Mapex Drums

It starts with the raw materials. Building the highest quality product initially depends on the expertise of those that select the the wood. Premium grade hardwoods like maple, walnut, birch and basswood are hand-selected from worldwide sources and are then matched by skilled experts to ensure that every drum Mapex produces carries with it the signature tonal and resonant properties that define the distinctive Mapex sound.

Let’s face it, looks are important too. All of our lacquer drums have eight-coat, hand-rubbed, high-gloss lacquer applied to each shell. Mapex finishes are durable, easy to maintain.

The details do matter. Our isolated tom mounting system ensures the sound you hear is all tom. From the bearing edges to the easy set bass drum claws, our dedicated artisans think like musicians and apply their expertise to creating a drum set that lets you focus on your playing and not on the equipment.

Every drum gets the same treatment. Regardless of price, we want every drum we craft to be built to exacting specifications. We want you to start out on Mapex and love it so much that when you make it big, you remember us.

We stand behind our instruments. Our artisans are relentless in designing and producing drums and hardware that can endure performance after performance. The result is a drum that you take on stage or into the studio with complete confidence.

Teton Guitars logo

Teton Guitars

Teton Guitars are developed with real life players in mind. The feel and tone of each Teton guitar are designed with a specific playing style in mind, but players usually surprise us and use the guitars in ways we never imagined. Our goal is to provide outstanding instruments at affordable prices. We are able to accomplish this by working closely with a fantastic factory in China. We have high expectations for the factory. We expect them to provide unsurpassed craftsmanship while maintaining a high quality of life for their employees. When you play your Teton Guitar you can be confident you have one of the best sounding guitars available. With each players independent musical abilities, Teton Guitars are being used to create some of the most original music out there. Confident. Independent. Original.

Indiana Guitar Company Logo

Indiana Guitar Company

The Indiana Guitar Company was established nearly two decades ago with a simple thought: To build great playing instruments that inspire people to play. Its a simple idea but one we have never wavered from. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, our instruments provide plenty of inspiration in a variety of models that discerning players all over the world love.

We take pride in our guitars and do our very best to ensure you’re getting a quality instrument that inspires and performs. All Indiana Guitar Company instruments carry a written 10 Year Warranty so no matter what, we’ve got you covered. For performance and affordability, look no further than The Indiana Guitar Company.

Eddy Finn Ukulele Company logo

Eddy Finn Ukulele Company

The distinct Finn Shaped sound hole and off set headstock are easily recognizable features of the Eddy Finn brand and have been attracting attention and brand awareness since their launch in 2010. Starting with the colorful and affordable Eddy Finn Soprano “Minnow” with matching gig bags, to the All Koa Concert model, Eddy Finn offers something for the first time players as well as the seasoned pro.

Covering a range of popular sizes; the EF-1 Series offer an appealing traditional Mahogany satin finish over basswood and offer nickel silver frets, rosewood finger boards and bridges. The EF-1-CE Concert size is equipped with active electronics and built in tuner. Pros and novices recognize the Eddy Finn name as a quality product and have confidence in the Three year written warranty.

Vintage Guitars logo

Vintage Guitars

The USA arm of Vintage® guitars, which are the best value for money instruments around. Great to look at, awesome to play and amazing sounding, they’ll take you all the way from your bedroom to the world’s biggest stages – and anywhere in between.

Morgan Monroe Acoustic Instruments logo

Morgan Monroe Acoustic Instruments

Morgan Monroe makes some of the best acoustic instruments around. Come on over and see what we’re talking about!

Johnson Musical Instruments logo

Johnson Musical Instruments

Johnson Musical Instruments has become the industry’s premier builder of high-quality, high-value musical instruments. We began crafting guitars and fretted instruments in 1993 and have continuously expanded our line of acoustics, electrics, resonators, folk instruments and amps ever since. Our dedication to preserving the best interests of our customers by bringing to market playable instruments at affordable prices has kept us a forerunner in the musical instrument community. We have a nationwide network of dealers who have supported our mission for almost two decades thanks to our great instruments, excellent reputation and great customer support.

Whether you are a student, enthusiast or an advanced player, we’re confident you’ll find something in our line to interest you. We pride ourselves on being able to provide instruments with excellent fit and finish, and to offer them at prices that are within the reach of any player.

EarthQuaker Devices Logo

EarthQuaker Devices

Do you like effects pedals? We do! Here at EarthQuaker Devices, we like pedals so much that we make them one-at-a-time, by hand, the hard way, in the idyllic post-apocalyptic wasteland metropolis of Akron, Ohio, USA – where the soldering smoke blocks out the sun, and the fiery Cuyahoga River pumps white-hot liquid magma into the steam engine that powers our great riff factory in the sky.

We believe that effects pedals should be simple and user-friendly, with lots of practical, useable, and musical sounds, but should also be a launchpad for sonic exploration and aural innovation. Most of all, they should always work correctly all of the time, which is why each and every single EarthQuaker Devices pedal is hand built, hand tested, and guaranteed for life. We use only the highest quality components, but if for some crazy reason your pedal does break, send it back to us and we will fix it for you!